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about us

What We Do

With a focus on racial equity, we fund, support, and advocate for arts and culture through creative expression and education. We’re committed to continuing our model of being an accessible, low barrier community organization that amplifies emerging artists from traditionally overlooked backgrounds.

We carry out our mission by developing projects and initiatives, at the intersection of art and community, with a five pillar approach.

Build Coalitions

At the core of our work is our dedication to building authentic and lasting coalitions among Black, Indigenous and People of Color, in our region and beyond.

Support Growth

Using multi-layered strategies, we create economic opportunities for artists and small business owners to support their cultural output and help them sustain their creative practices.

Nurture Youth

We’ve developed youth arts programming, led by Black and Brown teaching artists, to encourage confidence and support academic achievement for our communities’ youth.

Promote Pride

In the midst of gentrification and corporate commodification of cultural output, we’re focused on intentionally promoting cultural pride while breaking down cultural barriers, through community and art.

Create Space

With many of our programs, we develop physical and digital spaces for community building and engagement. Our long-term goal is to acquire a permanent, dedicated space for our programming.

Who We Are

The Feels is the brainchild of Tori Kirihara, a Seattle-born visual artist and curator around 2017. The project began as an art showcase, born out of Tori’s desire to bring the community together in an environment that encouraged and celebrated creative expression.

When Seattle-born entrepreneur and community advocate Zach Self joined the effort to develop the organizational capacity, the project evolved from The Feels to The Feels Foundation. Since then, a standalone showcase has grown into an experiential project featuring a large-scale annual showcase, youth arts initiatives, online and in-person vendor markets, artist grant programs, and more.

Our Feels Squad

We are so grateful for our board and staff’s unwavering and dedicated support.

Tori Kirihara of The Feels

Tori Kirihara

Founder, VP & Secretary

Zach Self of The Feels

Zachary Self

Founder, President

Gennette Cordova

Gennette Cordova

Advancement Manager

Cristina Martinez

Cristina Martinez

Honorary Board Member

Jacque Churchville

Jacque Churchville

Program Manager

Josh Donion

Josh Donion


Esmeralda Vasquez

Esmeralda Vasquez

Teaching Artist

Marina Kong

Marina Kong

Press Intern

Uloma Okoro

Uloma Okoro

Ambassador & Teacher