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Art Together

Many of the artists we encounter today express wishing they’d had more artistic opportunities and mentorship as children—this program was designed to meet that call.

Art Together by The Feels

Art Together

Art Together is an interactive, experiential program, run by local Black and Brown teaching artists. This program was designed to foster creativity, instill confidence and provide mentorship for students. Since 2017 we’ve been supporting families by offering nurturing and inclusive after school structure. WA state parents value these programs as part of the solution to addressing their children’s social and mental health needs.

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In WA state, there are nearly 649,000 children who would be enrolled in an after school program if one were available to them. For every child in after school programs, there are 5 waiting to get in. Our goal is to grow Art Together to serve more schools and community centers in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Help us nurture more of Seattle’s youth with a donation.


“Art Together has added to her desire to express herself through art by giving her new experiences and ideas. We thank you for that!”

Penny F.
Grandparent of Youth Participant
Akemi at Art Together by The Feels