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Meet Legaspi

Simon Legaspi | LAYERS by The Feels

Simon “LeGatsby” Legaspi is a Celebrate Art/sts first round grantee. Learn more about the visual artist here.

Simon Legaspi, known by fans of his art as LeGatsby, has participated in multiple Feels showcases and is one of our inaugural Celebrate Art/sts grant recipients. This emerging visual artist deepened his love for art after being drawn into the transformative world of graffiti, when he immigrated from the Philippines to NYC with his family as a child. This set him on a path of experimental art which heavily influences his style today.

Now, as a longtime Seattle resident, LeGatsby says he appreciates the city’s pandemic-induced embrace of street art. Although graffiti remains a point of great contention in Seattle, new murals and community art projects began popping up, scrawled along our city’s building facades and roads, during the two year Covid lockdown.

LeGatsby is optimistic about the increase in support for artistic careers among people of color. Whether from families or the community at large, championing each other’s art is crucial to increasing representation in art institutions, developing our own art spaces and increasing the sustainability of creative careers for Black and Brown artists. The Feels is looking forward to a continued, flourishing relationship with LeGatsby and creators like him.